Jackson Brothers & Travis Rice Hit Slush Cup While in Alaska

John Jackson tests the water at the Alyeska Slush Cup

Most of us are already aware that the Slush cup is a pretty special event for our end of season festivities here in Alyeska, but did you know that we had snowboard legends (aka royalty) in town for the event? If you were there, then you would of perhaps realized, and if you weren’t… well then, now you really know that you missed out!

Lucky for those that could not make it to the Alyeska Slush Cup this year, you can still witness some of the action in this fourth episode of ‘Brothers on the Run’—Red Bull’s new YouTube series of the Jackson boys (Eric and John). This episode saw them spend some time in Alaska with Travis Rice, among others, following the illustrious trio on a surfing trip (yes, we can do that here too!), and then to Alyeska Resort, where they were the lucky guinea pigs for the Slush Cup—eating it just as hard as us mere mortals!

Take a look at the episode below and kick back, remembering how good we have it here and reminiscing over the slam, and the good times had, during the Taco Bell Slush Cup of 2012.

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