Returning To the Sunshine

There is no place like home. At the end of December and top of January we were greeted with a number of powder days that made my season take off with the opening of Chair 6. Powder day after powder day was great until I had to get on a plane to Japan for some skiing with long time friends, Dave Magoffin(an Alyeska local) and JT Robinson(a frequent visitor to Alyeska). I thought to myself, “why am I leaving now, we are under way.”

While in Japan I learned further about the Alaskan reach and how lucky I was to live where I do, calling Alyeska home. In this foreign land all the locals wanted to hear about was Alyeska. One gentlemen mid conversation after learning Alyeska was my home mountain stopped talking and reached out to shake my hand in respect. “Odd” I thought, I didn’t do anything to deserve this. However in that instant I had a moment of homesickness. Once again showing me the respect Alaska has around the world as a ski dream destination.

My first day back skiing on Alyeska was a bluebird day. Granted is was a typical cold January day which have become some of my favorite days at the mountain. Days that you can see everything and you can find your own pockets of good skiing. The coldest day of skiing always beats the best day of work, cause you can always warm up in the bar and go for more but you can’t always get away from your desk to go skiing in the first place. As the days are getting longer and the ski opportunities start becoming plentiful, I think of days like these when the best part of the day is just enjoying the Alaskan view.

Jonathan Gurry, Telemark Skier Magazine

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