The Power of Positive Vibes


As Alaskans, we endured a very sunny and abnormal winter last year. It tested our mettle and pushed us to take trips south where snow seemed to be more abundant. Luckily, Mother Nature works in mysterious ways and some how, some way, with all the snow dances and positive powder thoughts this fall, winter has already redeemed itself and we are only 36 days into the anticipated 159 days… 170 days if you count those bonus days in May.

272 inches of snow have fallen from the skies since opening day, although most of us started counting back in October when temps took a downward turn and autumn showers became beautiful winter storms. Since October 1st, there’s been a total of 361 inches. (In case you’re wondering, yes, that is well above the season-long average for most ski areas in Colorado.)

A quick look around the resort and it’s easy to see the pure joy on the faces of all the winter enthusiasts who play in Girdwood. Whether you rock one plank or two,whether you click into fat boards designed for the depths of the North Face or little skinny ones that glide you efficiently through Moose Meadows, there is no doubt: there is ample snow for all.

I suppose it’s time we share the goods with the L48 and Canada… in the meantime, sneak a run out to Max’s and enjoy the views of the Turnagain Arm at dusk, hug West Line and check out the newly gladed terrain or simply take a newbie up Wade’s Way Magic Carpet and turn them onto the best sport ever.

Happy New Year’s all. See you out for the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks Show on Saturday night. Keep up the good vibes and snow dances!

Photos: Heather Thamm, Eric Teela

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