BBQ Ribs at the Sitzmark

“It ain’t no sin to get sauce on your chin.”
“It doesn’t hurt if you get sauce on your shirt”.
“It’s no disgrace to get sauce on your face.”

“When it comes to BBQ, we go WHOLE HOG!.”

BBQ Pork Ribs are the hottest item on the Sitzmark menu this winter. Chef Bob Yoter has been featuring his own hickory smoked BBQ sauce for years at the Sitz on his Serious Pig pulled pork sandwich. This year he’s upped the ante. Now you can take a break from the mountain and sink your teeth into a full rack of tender Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs.

Each order, whether you opt for a full rack or a half rack, is hot off the grill and onto your plate. Accompanied by a healthy portion of french fries and homemade cole slaw, you’ll surely savour every bite.  You’ll be pleased with the value too. The half rack will only set you back $13, while the full rack will run you $22.

Oh, and don’t worry about spotting up your new ski gear.  We’ll give you plenty of napkins!

See you soon!

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