It’s a Good Year For Music, Too

I just got back from two days in Girdwood. Wow, I haven’t skied powder like that since the last time I went skiing at Alyeska. I know, I know, the snow is great, it’s snowing like crazy every day, the North Face is skiing so well it’s ridiculous, faceshots every turn, this is the best winter ever, blah blah blah. My assignment this week wasn’t the skiing, it was to cover the apres ski band, Great American Taxi, and to remind you all about the great bands coming up this season. As one who is not really into the bar scene, this took some preparation – mostly in the form of going skiing for the day and inviting a friend along to help me brave the Sitzmark after lift hours.

My wingwoman Morgan took this mission very seriously, going so far as to leaving her ski gear at home, ready for the party from the get-go. Leaving ski gear at home? That makes no sense to me, and neither does stopping skiing before the lifts close when there’s powder to be had. It turned out that it didn’t make sense to Morgan, either, and she said more than once “I don’t know what I was thinking!” as it occurred to her that the skiing was great (again) and she only had jeans or shorts to ski in. I guess it was for the best, because we had a job to do, after all – go out and have fun at the Sitz, which conveniently doesn’t start the music until after the lifts close anyway. Morgan’s a great sport and didn’t mind (much) waiting for me to finish night skiing (“Just one more run. This time I mean it.”) before we headed over to enjoy the show.

The band was great and if you didn’t catch their first two shows, you have one more chance tonight. Tonight is bound to be a busy night so for you partiers, it will be a fabulous time. If you’re going to miss out this weekend, don’t worry – there’s an impressive lineup of national acts headed this way over the rest of the season: Pato Banton, Lucero, Shannon McNally, Potcheen and a huge Daylodge show with J Mascis and the Fog are all in the lineup. Check out the Sitzmark calendar of events at the upper right on the home page to see when the action is happening at Girdwood’s favorite music venue. Don’t forget your XTRATUFs.

Jill Missal, head of GeargalJill Missal is the founder, editor, and all around Head Geargal at, a web site for the female outdoor enthusiast who wants to get the most out of her gear, and for the beginner who needs some help knowing where to start. Jill was raised in Alaska and has spent most of her life in the backcountry skiing, climbing, and trekking. When not testing gear for, Jill works as a consultant in the disaster planning and emergency management field, which takes her to amazing places in the world to do exciting projects. Jill didn’t start going to concerts until she was almost 30 so she still has all her hearing. She has to wear earplugs at the Sitz.

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