Pontificating about schnitzel and other Bavarian delicacies

Many images come to mind when the phrase “Oktoberfest”, women carrying eight steins of beer in each hand, men walking around in Lederhosen, Oompah music and fifteen person bands, the list goes on. The most important aspect of Oktoberfest is food and beer. The basis of all culture in the world is food. Dinner gatherings allow for families to meet and communities to socialize, thus making food and drink the most fundamental part of modern (if 11,000 years old can be considered modern) civilization. The first Oktoberfest was held in 1811 by Bavarian farmers to promote local agriculture, but also to honor the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, a parade took place in 1811 which has been a traditional component of the Oktoberfest celebration.

A few traditional dishes to be served at Alyeska’s celebration of Oktoberfest include:

The classic Bavarian delicacy of Sauerbraten Short Ribs is always a crowd favorite. These beef short ribs are marinated then braised in a tangy combination of red wine, vinegar, and onions. Braising liquid is then thickened with crushed ginger snaps for texture and flavor while the dish is served with Spaetzle or Dumplings, Natural Jus and Red Cabbage.

If you are a fan of salted, cured meats, the Charcuterie Plate is for you. Sausage, Salami, Bündnerfleisch, Shaved Cheese, Cornichons Turned Radish Whole Grain Mustard and Fresh Baked Rolls are all items that are found on a traditional plate. The salted meats of the Charcuterie Plate are complimented nicely with a refreshing Pilsner or Lager.

Perhaps the most traditional of all German Oktoberfest food is the Pork Schnitzel. Traditionally an Austrian dish made with boneless meat, thinned with a mallet and coated in bread crumbs then fried, the Schnitzel is served with lemon parsley, red cabbage, and German Potato Salad. The beers to drink with Schnitzel are Hefeweizen and Lagers.

One of the most recognized Oktoberfest foods throughout the year is Grilled Bratwurst and Weiners. Bratwursts are simmered in beer until cooked then grilled to a finishing temperature for serving. Traditionally served with sauerkraut and red cabbage these tasty links are complimented nicely with a Spaten Oktoberfest Beir.

The Daylodge at Alyeska will be bustling with Oktoberfest excitement as classical Oompah music is played in the background. As your sitting at a long table with friends and other Oktoberfest goers enjoying beer and food, take the time to appreciate the fact that in 1811 a tradition was started and 200 years later in 2011, a small town in Alaska is celebrating as only a ski resort knows how, with good food, good beer and good people. The basic fabric of modern civilization.

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  1. Rosie says:

    My Buds went to Germany for the Octoberfest one year, got separated and didn’t see each other until they got home. Won’t happen in Girdwood. Thankfully.

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