Spring Carnival & Taco Bell Slush Cup

Alyeska Spring Carnival Skier

This coming weekend Alyeska wraps their regular season (oh man, what a season BTW) with the annual Spring Carnival. It’s no secret that the slush cup is the main event (Sat 4pm) where 50 costumed skiers and riders temp fate with a 90 ft long pool of ice water. The idea is to successfully skim across the pool, but competitors are also judged on costume and crowd pleasing big air. This combo proves to be total mayhem; a rescue team in dry suits patrols the waters. Imaginations run wild at slush cup. A few years back someone costumed as a big black blob careened down the slope, launching huge into the pool. On impact, a dozen different stuffed animals smeared with black grease paint bobbed to the surface. The costume was ‘Exxon Valdez Oil Spill’. We’ve photographed the event about a dozen times for various magazines, wire services and the resort. Most of the time in the sweet spring sun. Sometimes in the pouring rain. Either way it’s a real good time. Here’s a few of our favorites. See you Saturday, poolside.


Matt & Agnes Hage | HagePhoto

Alyeska Resort Slush Cup skier makes it across

Alyeska Slush Cup ninja turtle boarder, airborn

Alyeska Slush Cup cat pushing across the pond

Alyeska Resort Slush Cup Tiggers flying

Stoked Slush Cup competitor leaving the pond

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