5 Inches of Fun

Last night is snowed 3 to 5 inches on the mountain. The new snow allowed conditions to soften up a bit, so we were at it bright and early this morning attacking the mountain top to bottom. Visibility was good for a majority of the day. On trail is skiing fantastic, off trail has some good spots but you can still feel some hard snow underneath. It continued to snow throughout the day with more expected through the weekend. Things should only get better from here. Check out some photos from today.

Taking in the viewGood Morning in Alyeska

It’s nice to see some fresh snow coating all the trees!

There are fun things to hit all over the mountain. You can take it to the park, or find some fun features off of chair six.

Skiier throws a backflipSki jib

Conditions should get better and better through the weekend. It’s a good time to make it up and take some turns.

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