A “Sporting” Event

From one who would know, Kami Cabana – the winner of the 2009 Slush Cup – shares a few words of wisdom about the upcoming festivities:

Other than soaking up those spring time rays (or drops) and slashing corn snow, my favorite spring activity at Alyeska is Slush Cup!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday then watching crazy souls send it down the mountain heading straight towards a freezing pond of water.

To some people, the point is to make it across the pond without freezing your bones. But as any seasoned Slush Cupper knows, for big points you’ve got to go for more! My strategy is: go BIG, go FAST and dress CRAZY. If you hit the cold water, well . . . that’s just got to be the price you’re willing to pay. Regardless, the costumes are the BEST part and definitely what you’ll be remembered by. Plus, the more creative the costume, the more pumped the crowd. Slush Cup is always so much fun. So, come duke it out with all the Alyeska rippers and compete for a seasons pass for next year!

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