AK Holidays

Happy holidays! It has been a bit of a slow start, snow pack wise, here in the Chugach. However, Santa sure did what he could to help us with that! Alyeska has seen over 100 inches of snow in the past week. Though this obviously launched the avalanche danger to high, Alyeska has taken a large step toward looking like its usual self. Patrol and the rest of mountain ops have been working their butts off for over to not only keep up with the falling snow, but try and open up as much terrain as safely possible. With their hard work, some luck, and a little more snow, we might be accessing more goods at Alyeska soon. With the tram and Teds Express running, it has been awesome to get out there and find the burn in the legs. I have always viewed early season (pre new years) as a time to get strong and on your skis so you can ski hard and stay healthy the rest of the season.   It’s a good time to be stoked on what is open and thank the crew at Alyeksa for working so hard to provide it! So…..thank a patroller…..or even hug a patroller when you see them!!! Just know that with out them, we wouldn’t be skiing anything.  I hope everyone had a great Xmas and I bid you a happy new year!!!

Here is a short vid from a day this past week lapping the Alyeska Tram.


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