All Things Bike at Alyeska!

Riding bikes is fun; uphill, downhill, on dirt, on pavement on nice sunny days and on rainy days. Bikes are all-around awesome. Go ahead; try to be in a bad mood on your bike. You can’t if you’re doing it right. If you can then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Yes, bikes are great in all forms from transportation to recreation or even a simple form of therapy from the stress of the day.

The downhill mountain bike park at Alyeska Resort has grown into a huge part of summer mountain operations, bringing in record numbers of riders in its fourth year of existence. To celebrate all things bikes, Alyeska Resort welcomes riders and spectators to take part of the second annual Mountain Bike Festival September 5 to 7 with such events as downhill racing, cross-country racing, whips & tricks and the very popular Pond Crossing, an event that has bikers ride across a floating bridge stretched out across the hotel’s pond.  Entry to all events is free with a bike season pass or a day of bike park lift ticket. The festival’s sponsors, New Belgium Brewing and Powerade have donated great prizes to participants including new Fat Tire branded cruiser bikes. For a list of event times please visit the calendar of events at or visit the Daylodge Bike Hub.

pondcross whips

The Alyeska Cup Downhill Race Series is has reached the halfway point for the season and the competition is getting intense! With two races remaining, one on August 30 and one on September 27, every point counts and a series lead can be changed with one slip up. A round win is worth 100 points and values drop by 20 points per place, making second place worth 80, third place 60 and so on. The men’s expert class has Kevin Murphy in the lead by just 20 points followed closely by Daniel Frentzel and Corey Bellinger. The men’s masters’ class has local Corbett Quinn on top over a two way tie for second between Jason Scheben and Derek Diehl while the men’s sport division shows Jack Stahla with a fifty point lead.

On the women’s side of racing Vesna Young is taking control of the women’s masters’ class with Lauren Georgelos and Cassie Quinn holding the lead in women’s sport and expert respectively. With two more rounds of racing and a lot of points up for grabs it’s still anyone’s series to win! Races are FREE with biking season pass or day of bike park lift ticket.

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