Alyeska Avy Dogs

This past weekend one of our dog teams completed their evaluation series and earned operational status. This means that with Snow Safety approval, the dog team can be deployed at request of the State Troopers to avalanche accidents outside the ski area. Our dog team is the closest one to Turnagain Pass and may increase the chances of a live recovery when minutes matter.

 Zooka had twenty minutes to find the buried subject in two different tests. The subject was buried under three feet of snow. He found the first one in five minutes and only needed ten to find the second.

The large area tests took place on Silvertip Face. We asked the Grooming Department to rough up the area to simulate avalanche debris. Sadie did a great job of preparing the area. We roped it off to keep public away from the area for their safety and the safety of the dog test participants.

Thanks to all the departments that have helped get the first resort dog team up to speed. The team is an asset to the resort and the entire snow traveling community.

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