Around the World of Alyeska with an Irish Nightcap

I walked into the Sitzmark at the base of Alyeska, full of excitement at the approach of seeing the Young Dubliners live. The crowd had already formed at the front. Making my way over to stage right, the band took the stage. Immediately the crowd erupted in revelry of the group. After taking their instruments they started almost instantly. The crowd bopping and weaving, abundance of dancing everywhere. Close friends, acquaintances, and that guy who is always there but you have never met, are all at the front with rosie faces from the days sunshine skiing. As I started to photograph the band and crowd, memories of my ski day only fueled my excitement.

At the beginning of the day Dave Magoffin of Telemark Skier and I met to get in a full day at Alyeska leading into the show that night. The opening of Max’s meant we would be skiing fun lines through the trees in some soft snow. After a couple sidesteps up to Max’s, skiing Lolo’s, and the North Face we made our way to the hotel for a Sushi Bar dinner at Sakura. By the time we got out of Sushi, the night lights were on and the South Face was getting covered with snow as the storm moved in on our sunny day, filling all the ruts from the days visitors. This made for a good round of night skiing and a Fizz at 7 Glaciers, with just enough time to get over to the Sitzmark for the start.


By the end of the evening, the day had been a perfect all around the world of Alyeska with a great concert to cap the day.

Jonathan Gurry, Telemark Skier Magazine

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