Beyond Average


There is nothing average about Alyeska Resort.

Our pass holders average 27 days per season—with many pushing 50+ days a season. Hmmmm, maybe we’ll have to put out a survey to see what our pass holders do for a living. Career change, anyone?

The snowfall total at the top of Chair 6 averages 650″… and that’s a “bad” year by most locals’ standard. This winter is reported to be a back-to-back La Nina cycle. Maybe it’ll be a La Nina like 1999/2000—818″ on the books that season. Now, that was an above average year.

So, based on the law of averages, the winter of 2011/12 could be an epic one. What are you waiting for? Get that season pass before October 31, 2011 and save yourself a little money.

Alyeska and local pro-skier Elyse Saugstad slays the fresh. Photo: Simon Evans

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