Bird release in the Pond Courtyard

The Bird Treatment & Learning Center will release 2 Ravens & a Sharp-shinned Hawk back into the wild tomorrow at 10:30am in the Pond Courtyard. Join us for a unique experience and learn about the wild birds of Alaska.

One raven came from Kotzebue in late spring. This young bird was cared for in a clinic and then transferred to ‘foster ravens’ to learn about the complexities of raven social behavior.
The other raven is from Anchorage, and was a little older when he came in. He was put directly in with the foster birds to finish growing up. Both birds get along with other ravens and should do quite well in the wild.

The Sharp-shinned Hawk came in from Chugiak after being found on the ground. The bird suffered from head trauma, with the most likely scenario being that the hawk was chasing a small songbird for dinner. The songbird turned sharply to avoid a window, and the hawk didn’t quite make the turn and hit the window. He is doing quite well now and is ready to get back to the routine of life in the wild.

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