Chair 4 Construction

If you ask any local Alyeska skiers or riders what their favorite part of the bowl side of the mountain is some will surely say Race-Trail. Others would reply Waterfall. While others would say the High Traverse, you could get any other assortment of answers. If you ask the same group of people what their least favorite part is you will almost get a unanimous answer, Chair 4. It’s slow, it’s freezing, it’s old and so on and so on. People have said they would rather wait in a tram line just to avoid that chair. Some have said they avoid that entire side of the mountain just to avoid that chair.

Well the dog days are over. The 2012/13 ski season will mark the dawn of a new era; an era of hot laps down Race-Trail, an era of five minute lift rides, a NEW era of the bowl side of Alyeska! The construction project of the new Chair 4 named “Ted Stevens Express” has left everyone smiling and excited for the season to start. This Doppelmayr detachable high-speed quad will whisk skiers and riders up to mid-mountain in five to seven minutes cutting the ride time in half, where they exit the chair and can either jump on Chair 6 or enjoy a run.

The thought process behind the construction project was simple, the goal, to alleviate traffic at the tram, have more people base out of the Daylodge while upgrading mountain facilities. Countless man hours, many round trip heli-long lines and millions of dollars later the construction project is almost complete. Ted Stevens Express sits on the same footprint as the old Chair 4 which allowed for less damage to the mountain itself, there was no need to pure additional concrete footings and no need to chop down additional trees. With a mountain grading project taking place at the top of the new lift/bottom of 6 will allow for less cluster and will help disperse skiers around this area where traffic can get thick.

Skiers and riders will enjoy these upgrades whether they are new to the mountain or have been skiing here for 20 years. Join us at Alyeska Resort as we embark into a new era with a new high-speed chairlift in the 2012/13 ski season.

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