Climbathon Vertical Challenge, Sat. Sept 12

Alyeska Resort Climb-a-thon Vertical Challenge

Who can climb the North Face trail the most times in one day? The 2nd Annual Climbathon Vertical Challenge will let competitors prove what they’re made of during this endurance event. Contestants will walk, hike and run up the newly completed NF trail and ride the Tram down as many times as possible from 9a.m. and 7p.m. The trail is 2.16 miles (3.49 km) and gains 2,000 vertical feet (609.6 m).

Last September Alyeska hosted the inaugural event and 3 of the runners made 9 laps in 9 hours. That is 23.4 miles (35 km) and 18,000’ (5,486 m) vertical! This year’s competitors are hoping to climb 20,000 vertical feet. This distance is the equivalent of climbing Denali – only you have 10 hours to do it.

Entry fee includes a t-shirt. This event is hosted by Alyeska Resort and Alaska Mountain Runners Club. Visit for more info.

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