Doggie Diploma

Brian and Fundy finished their evaluation series with Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs on Wednesday. We now have two operational teams at the Resort. Fundy and Zooka have trained together many times and both dogs will be utilized as part of our avalanche rescue response. If the debris area is large enough, the dogs will search at the same time, essentially cutting in half the amount of time needed to search the area. We will also use one dog for the initial search and use the second canine to confirm that no human scent is rising through the snowpack on smaller debris fields.

Another operational team gives Snow Safety more latitude to respond with a dog team to an incident out of area when assistance is requested by the Troopers. We may be able to provide adequate coverage to the ski area and help those in the backcountry.

Many thanks to all those that have helped Brian and Fundy earn operational status. The list includes but is not limited to patrollers, ASARD members, the grooming staff and anyone else that sat in a snow cave until Fundy dug his way in.


  1. Kim Stinson says:

    Yes, congrats to Brian and Fundy. I know how hard they worked to become an operational team through the Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs as my German Shepherd dog, Echo and I also completed our evaluation tests with Brian and Fundy. We live in Girdwood as well and although not a member of the Alyeska Patrol, we are available as a resource in the event of an avalanche.

  2. Michelle says:

    Congrats to Brian & Fundy! And congrats to Kim (Lift Ops) & Echo who also became operational through the same training, and will be based in here in Girdwood. Got to love those working dogs!

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