Early Season Stoke

Ignoring the doom and gloom hanging heavily over the Alaska ski community, we met up with the local crew for a midweek quad burner. It was the usual mix of characters: ski racer, telemark goddess, obligatory hardcore boarder in jeans. The mountain looks so different early in the season and the recent cold snap left the trees coated wonderland style.

‘Ski fast, have fun’ is a good motto for these lean times. Fast piste runs and the new high-speed quad really allowed us to make the most of what is open on the mountain. Ted’s Express makes for a quick turn around; five minutes. Just enough time to quaff a PBR on the ride up (whereas you could kill the whole six pack riding the old Chair Four). By afternoon we’d smoked our legs on a couple dozen runs. We headed home with that quite tired grin. Nobody really cared about the inches. Skiing is skiing. And it’s still a lot of fun.


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