Eternal Sunshine of a Powderfilled Mind

In Alaska, the light at the end of the tunnel actually has a name – spring equinox. Derived from the Latin term for “equal night”, the equinox marks the time when the sun crosses the equator resulting in equal parts day and night all over the world. This year, the equinox takes place on March 20th, marking the floodgate of daylight in the last frontier.

For a much less scientific way of looking at all this, right now we are gaining close to five minutes of daylight every day. It’s pretty cool actually, you notice it in the evenings more – two weeks ago dusk was at 5 pm, then 5:30; today, daylight lingered well-past six. The mornings are brighter, too, making one much less prone to a constant state of hibernation. And, it just keeps gaining, right up to summer solstice (June 21st), when  we average close to 19 hours of daylight.

Why so much pontification about daylight? Two words: spring skiing. Long days, long runs, and a well-deserved cold beverage. Can’t wait.

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