Farming the powder

The last time we woke Girdwood residents with a gun mission was the third of February. Days have been bright and beautiful with crisp temperatures and little wind for most of the month. We recently had an impressive wind event Chugach-wide. On Friday we shut down Six and the Tram mid-afternoon, I’m unsure of the time but the North Face Challenge leaders were on their 31st lap. Chair 4 followed suit less than an hour later.

The wind continued for a few days, blowing hard enough to remove the snow between old tracks, raising them in a depressing sort of Braille. We decided to take advantage of all the snow blowing through Christmas Chute by placing snow fences in the gut. Hopefully, the fences will catch enough wind-blown to get the Chute open again. No matter what sort of powder crop we harvest, we will still keep the upper North closed until we get a drastic change in temps or precip.

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