Fiddlehead Festival 2013

Spring time is a relatively short season in Alaska. The cold of winter seems to last forever, then before you know it, the snow is melted and the flora of south central AK is growing. One barely notices this transformation because of mild temperatures and lots of rain, which is a good thing. Without the rain Girdwood and the surrounding area would not be able to sustain the dense, lush rain forest. One of the most dominate plants in this area is the Northwest Lady Fern, or Athyrium Filix-Femina for all you botany buffs out there. Another common name for this fern is the Fiddlehead Fern, which, when picked at the right time is a delectable ingredient to local dishes adding not only a bright green color but also a rich, earthy taste.

Unfurling in Springtime ferns In celebration of the transition from spring to summer, Alyeska Resort hosts the Fiddlehead Festival. This two day event takes cooking demos, food vendors, craft vendors, live bluegrass music and of course beer, wine and spirits and centers it around this unique plant. This year’s Fiddlehead Festival will be taking place on June 1 & 2 from noon to 8 pm. This event is perfect for a family outing and is FREE to all attendees. The music line up includes Anne Lynch Band, High Lonesome Sound and Third Wheel Project. Visit for more info.

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