Friends on a Powder Day

Agnes Stoked on the Alaskan PowderIt’s another powder day at Alyeska.  Checking the resort’s site shows 28″ of fresh on the upper mountain. Phone calls, text messages, emails, IM’s. The crew is mobilized. Meet up at Chair 4? Tram line? It’s still coming down hard and patrol is still shooting the big guns. Hey! There’s so-an-so. (How did they beat us here?) We’ll catch up with them topside. Tram is packed with anticipation. North Face is looking DEEP! (Tower swing). Viz is tough, but we’re used to skiing the storm. Hey! Where’d so-an-so go? We’ll catch them later at the Sitzmark. Sundeck, Chuck’s Gate, Banjo, Brown Pants, Ash Can, Kitchen Sink, Southside, Prospector, Fairbanks, Christmas Chute, Knuckles and Northwest Passage. Hoots and holla’s through the snow. Let’s do it again. OK one more. Legs are smoked and it’s getting’ late. Sitz is packed, but there’s always room for one more. Hey! so-an-so got us a table. Order another round and let the stories begin.

Hope you’re out getting some today.

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  1. Jill says:

    LOVE this post! Nice job Hages. Tower swing!

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