Glacier Bowl Express

The lift that transports skiers and riders to the upper mountain for seemingly endless POW turns, face shots and the most incredible view in skiing will be forever known by locals as Chair 6. But let’s face it; you would never name your sweet new car after your old car no matter the memories connected to it, right? This is exactly the stance Alyeska Resort has taken when it decided to rename the new lift on the upper mountain. Resort management and ownership tossed around a lot of names before deciding on Glacier Bowl Express.

102113 The new name is not only meant to communicate the physical location of skiers and riders but also draw attention to the unique beauty and features of the upper mountain. Glacier Bowl Express was designed and built by Doppelmayr USA based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The new lift will have an uphill speed of 1,000 feet per minute, slightly faster than the previous chair. Skiers and riders will notice some other new changes as well including fewer lift towers on slope and a top terminal that is set back 20 yards which allows more room for people to get ready before dropping in. The loading pattern at the bottom terminal will be different also. Glacier Bowl Express will have a perpendicular loading sequence making the lift lines less congested and easier to get through.



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