Got Snow? We do!!

Alyeska Ski Patrollers Benefits

Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year!  If you are a snow junkie, you probably are…

We hit the ground running full speed ahead this season and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

With over 329 inches of snow since November 1st (420″ since October 1), Alyeska Ski Patrollers’ have been busy—but we love when snow keeps us busy! Alaska is leading the country with snow depths so far this season so we feel pretty lucky (especially after last year’s lack of snow). Throughout the season, Alyeska usually sees some pretty extreme weather. To give you a taste of a week in your average Alyeska ski patrollers’ life:

From December 15th to the 21st, the top of the mountain received 67 inches of snow. The top of Max’s was not the place to be on the 18th—average wind speed for one hour was 51 mph. The 19th saw a max gust of 115 mph on Max’s, 101 mph on Alyeska summit and 85 mph at the sundeck. There were 21 days of measurable precipitation in December (totaling 59″of snow). Thanks to Mother Nature, we got Christmas chute open on December 19th and received a gift of 8″ of cold smoke on Christmas day!  Max’s even opened on December 22nd (remember it never even opened last year). January so far has seen 50.3″ and we aren’t even half way through!!

Alyeska Patrollers at Work

Maybe these numbers don’t excite you but it’s one of the things that make our job interesting and keep us on our toes. Having to forecast what new snow, wind and temperatures do to the existing snow pack can be nerve racking—we have to have the knowledge and skills to keep ourselves safe so we can make it safe for everyone else.  But as I said, snow is what feeds us!

So get out there and ski some powder!!

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