Holidays in the Chugach Mountains

The Chugach is breathtaking. Any season, summer, fall, spring and winter. The power of this place is immeasurable, with huge mountains that come straight up from the ocean, star filled nights so clear and unobstructed from light or air pollution only highlighted by an Aurora and lets not forget skiing on the steepest mountains in the world. All these factors make the senses overwhelmed and spending a winter in Alaska is something most people will never get to experience. People will never be able to duplicate the beauty here in the Glacier Valley but it can be complimented, quite nicely too actually. The grounds at The Hotel Alyeska are covered in fur trees, wrapped with Christmas lights and covered in a blanket of natural snow lining walking paths from one side of the property to the other. The interior of the hotel has been decorated with Christmas trees and ginger bread houses. As the snow starts to pile up outside, the hotel turns into a winter hide-a-way. The towering peaks turn from their dark earth tones to a brilliant white making this a very unique place to spend a holiday season. I highly recommend visiting Alyeska Resort and the surrounding town of Girdwood during Alaska’s most famous time of year. Happy Holidays!


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