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It’s human nature to be on the hunt. This time of year, it’s a matter of hunting for a good holiday deal. To make your hunt a little easier, we figured we’d just spell it out. Hopefully this little post will save you a lot of time and save you some pennies. Opening day is Wednesday, November 23rd. See you soon!

Costco has been a great partner for us for many years now. This winter, we are offering two adult lift tickets for $95.99 (basically $48 per day). The two days can be used anytime during the 2011/12 ski season and DO NOT have to be consecutive days. This year, the two tickets will be loaded onto ONE piece of media and non-transferrable . . . translation: the two lift tickets are good for ONE person. This deal is best for ages 18 to 69. We are expecting to be on warehouse floors in Anchorage in mid-November. This deal will also be on later this month for the first time ever!

We have also partnered with for a second season – it’s an easy website to shop for all things lift ticket. With only a few exceptions (i.e. holidays and peak times), they offer a discount on daily Alyeska adult lift tickets. The catch? Only a certain amount are available per day. So, if you know which days you’ll be hitting the slopes, check them out and see how much you can save. Buy early and buy often.

We admit it. We jumped on the Groupon bandwagon. Apparently Alyeska was their top selling product last winter . . . by a lot. Look out for the Alyeska Groupon offer in mid-November. The offers include 2 for 1 midweek lift tickets and night-skiing lift tickets. Please note: both tickets are to be used on the same day, so find youself a buddy.

Warren Miller’s new ski movie is scheduled for its Anchorage premiere on Thursday, December 1st at the Alaska Center for Performing Arts. Like There’s No Tomorrow features top athletes in amazing mountain spots. There are two showings at 6 and 9 pm. With every paid entry, there is a coupon for a FREE Alyeska lift ticket. Yes, there is some fine print, but still . . . it’s FREE. Preview the teaser and get psyched.

The Alyeska Ten X Powder Pass has come into its own. This direct-to-lift product gives you the convenience of a season pass without the full commitment. You basically buy 10 days of skiing at a discount – choose from the unlimited Powder Pass for $500 or midweek Powder Pass for $450. It’s easy math – save $10 a day on the unlimited pass and save $15 da day with the midweek pass (regular day ticket is $60). Another benefit? If you don’t use all your days, you can “save” the credit and apply it towards your 2012/13 Powder Pass.  Read more about the Powder Pass and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Stay tuned . . . part 2 will help you hunt for winter and ski packages for The Hotel Alyeska. Sneak peak of packages available online >

Photos: Heather Thamm and Simon Evans


  1. David says:

    Regarding the Costco lift tickets:

    Why the price hike, and added restrictions compared to the offering at costco last year?

    Thanks, but Ill pass on buy several hundred dollars worth for GIFTS for multiple people this year like I did last year as the restrictions now make that impossible, and not a good value.

    over 10% rate hike for a luxury item in a recession?

    • Alyeska Resort says:

      Thanks for the feedback. The price per day on the Costco deal increased $4.67 from $43.33 to $48 (as you pointed out, just shy of a 10% increase). For $48, the skier/rider is receiving 20% off regular rates ($60 for ad adult day ticket) which for many skiers and riders is still the best deal available. Ticket prices at the Resort have not increased in three winters; quite an accomplishment in this day and age given rising expenses.

      As for the “restrictions”, the average skier at the Resort visits 3+ times. The Costco product is designed to benefit each individual, and we encourage Costoc members to purchase as many two-day lift tickets as desired. Each adult can choose when to use their two-days, and opt to reload additional days when the time comes.

      If a greater savings is your goal, we highly recommend

      Thanks again for the feedback.

      Alyeska Resort

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