Incredible Day Off the Top

Over a foot of new snow fell the other day setting up near perfect conditions off chair 6, as well as the outer areas. Ski patrol was hard at work yesterday morning firing off charge after charge making high traverse safe for riding. If you see a patroller this week, you should go ahead and thank them, as quite a few slides were set off during avalanche control activities. A very large slide was set off in Glacier Bowl, as well as several medium slides in the High Traverse area.

Sunrise over Alyeska Resort

The flood gates opened on High Traverse yesterday around 11:30 or 12:00. It seemed like half the mountain was flocking through the small opening and began the slow trek around the bowl. Skiers were slowly stepping on the narrow traverse, while snowboarders were forced to unstrap and walked it out. I must have walked over a good 5 or so slide paths by the time I got to where I wanted to drop. Once I dropped it was amazing. Light untouched pow all the way down. It stayed good for a couple hours before being fairly tracked. Everyone I saw was having a great time. Everything else off of chair 6 was skiing soft and bumpy. Skiers and boarders were taking advantage of various bumps, drops, and cliffs. Bump skiers were charging hard off the top. North face was good but limited yesterday. A number of large slides have the right side roped off as of yesterday. Avoid the bottom part which was below the snow line during the last storm. The top half of North Face to the cutoff back to six is the way to go right now.

The park is starting to take shape. It currently has a down box, then a series of medium sized jumps, followed by an up, flat, down box. Look for more features being added thoughout the week, along with continued construction on the superpipe.

Everything is riding amazing right now, get on up to the mountain sometime this weekend!

Alyeska's great morning viewHappy for the bluebird

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