Meet Kilő – The Newest Member of Alyeska Ski Patrol

Kilő – When translated from Hungarian to English means to fire or to explode with energy. Once you meet Kilő you will find that the name is very fitting. This little guy is packed full of energy and given the high intelligence level of the breed he will make for a fantastic rescue dog. Kilő is a Mudi which is a rare breed of herding dog that originated in Hungry. Originally bred for herding, Mudis demonstrate a lot of the same personality traits as other retriever dogs making Kilő a perfect candidate for Alyeska’s search & rescue dog program. Although Mudis aren’t known for search & rescue they are used for this purpose within the USA, Finland and a few other European countries.

DSC_0319 Kilő’s journey to Alaska began a week ago in the small Hungarian village of Sirok which is a few hours northeast of Budapest. Stacey Lordan, Kilő’s handler, flew over to meet with the breeder and pick out a dog based around a specific set of guidelines and characteristic traits that transition into search & rescue. Kilő is one of nine puppies in the litter and at 10 weeks old he’s tipping the scales at 6.5 lbs. When he is full grown in about a years time he will be between 30 – 35 lbs making him very easy to carry on the ski patrols packs while skiing to an accident scene. Kilő will be training along side Monty, another new puppy at Alyeska Resort over the next two winter seasons until they are both certified search and rescue dogs. At this point they will be allowed to go out on missions for Alyeska Resort and the State of Alaska.


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