More Terrain, Bring Your Beacon

We opened Christmas Chute for the first time on Wednesday and a bit of the High Silver Hike on Thursday. It’s great to finally have conditions that allow us to give more Powder to the People. As part of the ongoing project to help us help you, we are requiring beacons on the High Silver Hike. Beacons are the best way to be found in the event of an avalanche. We do have a bunch of cool rescue tools like Reccos and dogs but every patroller has a beacon on his person all the time.

Speaking of dogs, Alyeska is hosting an Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs event over the next five days. Twenty dog teams from across the state will be training in avalanche rescue. Instructors from Colorado, Washington, and B.C. arrived last night and will get a mountain tour from Patrollers today. After the tour, we will begin site prep(hole digging) for the Workshop.

Feel free to stop and watch the dogs work. Remember to check with the Handler before approaching the dog and be sure to click out of your skis so there’s no chance to cut a canine with ski edges.

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