Night Skiing for Three More Weekends

Growing up on the east coast of the U.S. night skiing was the norm. Local mom and pop ski hills would light the trails until 10 p.m. four nights a week and it was a great time to get out after school and get some turns in. As I grew up however, I found it harder and harder to get to the local hills as often as I used to. High school was for playing hockey, working part time jobs and of course chasing girls around so there was little time to sneak away after school for night laps. Moving onto college in the western US (where night skiing is minimal anyway) there was even less time to get out at night to make runs. Classes get hard, extra curricular activities and what have you. Then, moving to Alaska and becoming very familiar with Alyeska Resort I finally started night skiing again. It was great, it felt like visiting an old friend, a very familiar old friend. The night skiing at Alyeska is great, hands down some of the best night skiing I’ve done. There is great terrain light up and with a low light, yellow/blue sensor lens it really makes the definition of the snow easy to read and fun to charge through. Every skier is familiar with the term pow day, but very few people who call themselves skiers actually know what a pow night is all about. Skiing under the lights when it’s dumping snow at a rate of 3 inches an hour is surreal. The lights reflecting off the falling snow gives a very cool effect to the mood and really makes you want to ski harder and faster. Night skiing concludes for the 12/13 season on March 23rd. I’d like to suggest that all those skiers, young and old, get out and rediscover the fun of night skiing by visiting Alyeska Resort to make a few night laps.

Night Skiing by the numbers.

Night-Skiing Lift Hours:
Night Skiing starts at 4 pm
Ted’s Express closes at 8:40 pm
Tram closes at 8:30 pm
Chair 7 closes at 8:30 pm
Bear Cub Quad closes at 9 pm
Finnland Magic Carpet closes at 9 pm

Pumpstation 3 terrain park, Princess Pipe & Progression Park close at 9 pm (accessed by Bear Cub Quad)

Night-Skiing Lift Rates:
Adult $40 (Mon – Fri) | $45 (Sat/Sun & holidays)
Student/Military/Senior $35 (Mon – Fri) | $40 (Sat/Sun & holidays)
Child 6 – 12 $30 (Mon – Fri) | $35 (Sat/Sun & holidays)


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