Opening Weekend

Opening weekend is bittersweet for us. We have the whole mountain to ourselves during set-up. We go from lifties, groomers, snow makers, and patrollers to all of the above and two thousand of our closest friends.

We’ve shifted gears from skiing with signs and bamboo to customer service and medical response. Patrol spends the time from Chair Six closure to last Tram doing speed control on Denali and Von Imoff.

The geography is such that there is a natural bottleneck there. We realize that most folks we ask to slow down are perfectly capable of negotiating the firm snow and crowds at high speeds. When rippers tear by, they often surprise lower intermediate types, causing loss of control. Give them a break by taking it easy through that part of the world.

The mountain is in pretty good shape. This is the first top to bottom opening with such coverage in recent memory. Now that we have the main area open, we’re doing all we can to open the lower bowl. The snow guns are cranking with these temps, so we’ll get it ready for all ya all shortly.

The North Face is another story. The glide cracks, Knuckles Traverse, and the West Line need lots of snow. We’ve done some assessment runs and while it was great to get on the North, it’s simply too soon.

That’s o.k. though, we have plenty to prep before we will be ready to keep up on the North from an avalanche mitigation standpoint. Ma Nature did a number on some of our explosive delivery wires.

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