Outer Area Stoke

Cloud cover over Girdwood

Recent snow storms have left the outer areas with a nice amount of new snow. With over a foot of new snow this week riding has been great off of High T, and the upper parts of North Face. We got out there Thursday and Friday of this week. Everything off of High Traverse is riding very nicely, as well as the upper half of The North Face. However, use caution when riding the bottom half of The North Face—areas of ice and debris can pose a hazard to unaware skiers and riders.

Boot pack for the best powderAlyeska's awesome snow

For the Snowboarders, it should be noted that the High Traverse is in very good condition for an easy boot pack all the way around. Recent snow was packed well enough there is no worries of post holing your way through the area. All in all everything is filling in very nicely and should just get better from here. Pray for more snow in the coming weeks!

recent snow has covered most of the cliffs

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