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Word from Patrol

Phewww, the holi-daze are behind us. We had some “exciting” weather at the beginning of the holiday break and some big crowds, too. Snow Safety opted to close most of the outer areas because snow conditions didn’t meet our criteria for safe rescue responses.  Thanks for making our jobs easier …Read More

Posted by —January 3rd, 2010

Alyeska Inverted

Colorado-based filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski returns home to Southcentral Alaska to spend a winter at Alyeska. A slight perfectionist with mad skills behind the camera and editing deck, Ben is capturing his winter away on film so you can live vicariously. His first video celebrates the upside-down reality of the Chugach …Read More

Posted by —December 27th, 2009

Discover and Explore

It’s well-known in the sports industry that the earlier you start participating the more likely you’ll become a lifer. Skiing and snowboarding is no different. Fall in love with powder early and you’re hooked forever! You see great companies like Burton® invest in programs like their Learn-to-Ride where beginner riders …Read More

Posted by —December 19th, 2009

Post Control Release

“Post control release” is a phrase that turns avalanche professionals’ hair prematurely grey. Three inbounds skiers were killed by post control releases in the lower 48 last season and the last time we had an in-area avalanche (March ’99), we had pummeled the Glacier Bowl Cornice with the Howitzer that …Read More

Posted by —December 17th, 2009

Shiny, New

Check out the new fandangled! We have left 2004 behind and put one foot firmly into 2010 with a site designed to showcase everything that you love about Alyeska. Our favorite new features?! The interactive trail map is really sick – the technology is so sweet and we are just scratching …Read More

Posted by —December 16th, 2009