Ringing in the New Year, a holiday to remember…


Photo: Simon Evans
Alyeska Resort brought 2011 to a close in stellar fashion. This holiday season will go down as one of the best for me. For two reasons—the answer “YES”, and skiing some of the lightest, driest powder Alyeska has seen in years. 2012 starts off with 369″ total snowfall since October 1st—delivering quality early season backcountry, which has continued in the surrounding area, and unprecedented skiing and riding at the resort. This stable yet plentiful snowpack resulted in outer areas like the North Face to open December 10th. This holiday season offered up fresh powder for the masses to gorge on nearly every day; and after a day of gluttony on the hill good times continue at the Sitzmark.

For me one day stood out in particular, Christmas Day- On a crisp gorgeous morning with 8″ of fresh snow, my girlfriend Serena and I up early, caught the second chair… With the hill basically to ourselves I asked her to pull over to the side of the run. I took my skis off and told her to do the same. She looked at me confused like “what are you doing?” I continued to affirm my love for her, got down on one knee, and presented a ring… after a moment of total surprise and shock, with both of us caught up in the moment, she said………… “YES!”

After that we enjoyed the moment and soaked in the beautiful view of Turnagain Arm, expressing utter joy of what just happened while being in the most gorgeous place on earth. We then clicked in and skied to the lift- I will never forget the look on Serena’s face in the lift line when we went up for our next run, engaged- pure happiness. Our New Year’s celebration topped off at the Sitzmark as the ladies of Lez Zeppelin got the Led out, paying homage to one of the greatest bands ever. 2011 is one for the books; with an abundant snowpack and an exciting future with the woman I love, 2012 is… well let’s just say, “Bring it on!” -Jason Scheben

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