Snow Film Series

It’s great to be living in Alaska. When I travel and people ask where I’m from and their faces light up with excitement when I tell them AK. I get a lot of “man, you must like to cold.” or “I’ve always wanted to go there!” or “is it as wild as it looks on TV?” or any other various responses that all have the same recurring theme, Alaska is rad. It’s one of those places in peoples minds that seems remote, huge, rugged and filled with natural beauty. And you know what? They have no idea how correct they are until they travel here. People are constantly bombarded with images of Alaska and how grand it is, from the main stream media or any one of Discovery Channel’s reality shows, to magazine articles and the film industry. More importantly the ski and snowboard film industry. These creative and adventurous individuals who make up this industry come from around the world. They wait out in camper vans, hotels and motels for the storms to break so they can go get the money shots that not only sell movies and fill theaters, but drive lift ticket sales, season pass sales and helps put the ski industry in motion every season. The masses all around the world see these movies and get blown away every time Alaska is featured in a segment. Not only are the athletes moves impressive but it’s also the terrain, the lines, and the backdrop that gets people’s attention and makes them say, “oh my word, AK looks sick!”

Alaska was blessed with almost 1,000″ of snow last season and now that the film companies are starting to distribute their films the world is witnessing what a huge year in Alaska looks like, adding to the hype and excitement of Alaska. While the lower 48 experienced a drought, Alaska was getting pounded, week in and week out. All the big names of the film industry packed up their gear and headed north. Big names like Warren Miller, TGR and Matchstick Productions all sent their best guys and gals to capture a snow year that would be sure to make for unforgettable ski flicks.

Working next to and along with the Sitzmark Bar & Grill is great. Documenting, photographing and emceeing for the different concerts, movies and events not only allows me to watch the featured event but also take part in the presentation. Every Wednesday throughout the season the Sitzmark will be featuring a different film to get the community stoked. The shows are open to all ages but those under 21 need to be accompanied by an adult. All shows start at 7:00 PM and typically run until 9:30. Check out the calendar of events for a full listing of movies.

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