The final countdown

Squaw Valley recently hosted ISSW 2010. The International Snow Science Workshop is billed as a “merging of theory and practice.” That means those of us that work on snow day in and day out share what we see in our daily duties and the scientists run experiments to see what is repeatable and therefore predictable, from depth hoar development to glide crack movement. The more we know about how snow works, the better we can stay on top of it.

This year there were more than a thousand participants from all over the world. Alaska was well represented by forecasters, patrollers, educators, and dog handlers.

Days were filled with lectures (some of which went right over our heads, others like Mike Ferrai’s presentation on Post Control Releases, hit us right in the stomach.)

Evenings were spent discussing the days’ lectures, sharing war stories, and meeting others in the snow community. All in an effort to increase understanding and information sharing.

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