The Magic of Corn Snow

For snow geeks, there’s a term for the fantastic spring conditions currently featured on the slopes of Alyeska. It’s called a freeze/thaw cycle. Pretty simple science here: the snow freezes at night, staying firm in the morning hours, evolving into a soft, silky texture perfect for carving turns by the mid-afternoon. Repeat. Over and over, resulting in beautiful little grains of perfect corn snow.

There’s actually a debate among some winter enthusiast circles – what’s better: powder snow or corn snow? Silly question . . . except that corn snow, which typically arrives with longer days and sunny conditions, has a stronger following than you might.

So, come on out and enjoy the freeze/thaw cycle at its finest. We’ve helped the cause by shifting the lift hours back to accommodate Mother Nature and her path of sunshine. April lift hours: 11 am to 6 pm

Next up: Endless winter . . . weekend skiing and riding at Alyeska from May 1 to May 31!!!

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