The Secret Powder Stash

It’s my favorite time of year at Alyeska. Goggle tans and Sitzmark deck beers abound. The best skiing and riding of the season is happening, either its snowing and deep, or bluebird and beautiful. Despite the ideal conditions, undoubtably we will have a dry long string of blue days. This is when a ski buddy will tell me he’s not going up because the mountain is “skied out!” I usually just keep the smile to myself. Tell them, “yes, probably not worth skiing today,” and make my own plan for first chair.

What my ski buddy doesn’t know just looking up at front side of the mountain watching moguls building every day, is that this time of year 95% of the accessible terrain on the mountain is open. Alyeska patrol does an amazing job of safely opening the terrain back up after each storm, and with each opening another opportunity awaits to get the goods!

There are many secret stashes on the mountain, and like mine they are not easily accessible. They are also not spots you can see easily from anywhere on the mountain, but yes, they are inbounds and yes, they are always deep!


Where is this Shangri-La you may ask? Well, if I could tell you it wouldn’t be a secret now would it? Here is a clue: Basically you get off the lift, skate about 50 yards, drop into the chute, exit chute left as high as possible, scamper over a few exposed rocks, sidestep down 25ft, huck a 15 footer into the apron, submerge, and enjoy!

Some of you may know exactly where I am talking about, but if you don’t, just keep skiing Alyeska and explore every day. If you happen to find my stash, no worries, I have many others.

Dave Magoffin, Telemark Skier Magazine

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