Top-to-Bottom Fun

From the top of the tram, without much of a warm up, I rode down towards the lower trail. A sharp turn and some big rocks mark the official entrance to the downhill section. Yeah, those first couple turns definitely felt sharp. . . and steep. . . leading to what felt like a very scary water bridge, fully exposed to the left. Whew.

Once past the wet wooden bridge, I quickly realized the crux was behind me. . . mentally and physically, and the ride was ON. The trail leads to beautiful, super fun single track and believe me when I say, my full suspension bike was my best friend today.

Even still, plenty of laughable spills kept me rolling through the day. After capturing someone else’s full endo on the helmet cam, it didn’t take me long to smartened up and slow it down a notch in preparation for my own trip through the sharp turns that laid ahead. I made it, smiling and injury free. What an incredible day on Alyeska Resort’s downhill biking trails! History in the making for sure. Thinking about another lap. . .

Check out the helmet cam vid:  Tram-Powered Biking

Mel comes to Alaska after years of “soft adventure” in Boulder, Colorado. She’s quickly learning the ways of AK and lovin’ it.

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