Two Weekends Left

So the miracle of May skiing has been a little hit and miss, I admit it. I’m sure it wasn’t just me loading my skis in the car last weekend just in case we’d be able to ski the several feet of snow that fell on top of the mountain. Sadly, no luck. So we got shut out last weekend due to avalanche danger—but this weekend it’s finally looking like we’ll get the chance to see out our season with bluebird days and spring conditions. And, as a bonus for us early risers, we’ll finally get to hop on a lift (or a tram…I’m not entirely clear on that yet) bright and early at 9am, before most people even wake up from their hangovers. Because of snow safety concerns, the resort is going to try to open lifts at 9am and run until 2pm before things get too melty.

Finally, the office-hours working stiff gets a break. No more drinking endless cups of coffee until 10am rolls around and it’s time to head down to the resort—this weekend the early shift rules! It’s probably going to be warm enough overnight that morning conditions should be OK, and I’m sure the groomers will do their best to prep the mountain for us. Regardless, it’s bound to be a good time—getting the skiing portion of the day out of the way early makes room for a double header of ski early, bike late. Or ski early, party late(ish), which I plan to do on this most birthday of weekends (for me). Hope to see you down there!

Don’t forget that conditions are ever-changing, so be sure to call the SKI-SNOW hotline (754-7669) before you head down to confirm the lifts will be running.
Jill Missal is the founder, editor, and all around Head Geargal at, a web site for the female outdoor enthusiast who wants to get the most out of her gear, and for the beginner who needs some help knowing where to start. Jill was raised in Alaska and has spent most of her life in the backcountry skiing, climbing, and trekking. When not testing gear for, Jill works as a consultant in the disaster planning and emergency management field, which takes her to amazing places in the world to do exciting projects. Jill’s very stoked to have learned to tele well enough for long enough for Wayne Todd to take the picture on the left. Good thing Jill and Wayne are friends or this photo might make it out into the world.

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  1. mr haley says:

    Jill is the only reason I even know that there are coastal ski areas north of Whistler. And I ski at Mt Baker so I rarely have need to leave in search of coastal snow, but due to the direct and indirect promotion that Jill did this season I am actually considering what it would take to get up there next big coastal storm year.

    From my chair down in the lower 48, getting Jill out of the backcountry and into the frontal region had massive ROI, and you should do it again next year so we can all continue to hear about how great it is up there at Alyeska.

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