What’s up with Christmas Chute?

We closed Christmas Chute on Saturday afternoon due to unsafe skiing conditions. A trough appeared Friday due to constant sideslipping and was deemed too hazardous by the team on Saturday. It is the narrowest point in the Chute and many of our guests choose to sideslip through rather than risk blowing out on a turn and taking a slide for life.

We brainstormed how we could improve things without waiting for what we really need, more snow. So two of us rappelled down with shovels and did our best to widen the trough. The snow that we shoveled was much harder than the middle of the trough because it is constantly bombarded by explosives. We put lots of time, effort, and sweat into getting the Chute open but it simply can’t happen until conditions change. One blown edge will result in a tumble that could be measured in thousands of feet.

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