Find your inspiration in 2011

Like most people, I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to overindulge less, exercise more and generally take better care of this body that I call home. I thought a good way to kick start the process would be to sign up for a yoga class. I don’t really look to …Read More

Posted by —January 12th, 2011

Early Morning Calls

We were beginning to think we’d have to wait until next year to do control work. The temps came up enough yesterday  so that the trees began to shed the snow that’s been weighing them down since the third of December. The sounds of snowbombs falling on the house from …Read More

Posted by —January 12th, 2011

Finally a change in the weather

The Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010 turned out to be a bit of a dud, but luckily the exploding transformer by the soccer field provided us with some excitement on Sunday night. Day crewers booted back up to help The Queen of Darkness and our Night crew brethren deal with …Read More

Posted by —January 12th, 2011

The Magic of Santa Claus

I’ll preface by saying: I don’t have children. But, I work in an industry where everyone is a child at heart and I ride a lot of chair lifts with kids. It seems whether you REALLY believe in Santa, or just pretend to believe because you know it’s a means …Read More

Posted by —January 12th, 2011

Holiday Break Begins

Well it’s been 17 days since we’ve blown anything up. The skiing is fun with chalky conditions off-piste. Falls on snow like this can be unforgiving. We have three Pro Patrollers out with injuries, all life-changing, two may be season ending. Ski in control, this is a great time to …Read More

Posted by —December 20th, 2010