Refreshing POW Day

The excitement starts for a POW day the night before when all eyes are glued to and different radar images and models, possible outcomes and expected snow totals. There is no better feeling then knowing you’re in the direct path of a huge snow storm and you’re only worries …Read More

Posted by —January 13th, 2014

Leftover Salmon Takes Over the Sitzmark

Legendary jam band Leftover Salmon took Girdwood by storm to start off 2014 with two nights of bluegrass, jammin’ and all kinds of dancing that comes along with it. Their trip to Alaska started off with a visit to Girdwood’s live and local radio station KEUL 88.9 fm. The band …Read More

Posted by —January 4th, 2014

Need a Holiday Gift Idea? Visit Alyeska Resort’s booth at the 5th Avenue Mall

As November turns into December we are all reminded that it’s the most wonderful time of year once again…WINTER! During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas there is a lot to do; between traveling, visiting friends and family, cooking, squeezing in some work here and there and of course skiing …Read More

Posted by —December 6th, 2013

Alyeska Ski Patrol Auction: The Bios

Kent “want to pet my puppy?” May With marriage out of the way Kent is following the age old stall tactic of delaying having kids by just getting a dog instead. He won the kids vs. dog argument with the astute observation that no infant has ever successfully rescued anyone …Read More

Posted by —November 29th, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Alyeska Resort!

Thursday, November 28 is going to be a busy day at Alyeska. Not only is it OPENING DAY for the ski resort, but lots of people also choose to skip the kitchen stress and celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday with us. The Pond Café Thanksgiving Buffet is sold out for all …Read More

Posted by —November 27th, 2013